Lauren Faust
My current body of work employs figurative costume and clothing as a vehicle for specific narratives. The figurative sculpture focuses on costume, fashion, and fantasy, searching for permanence in the world through tangible objects and storytelling. I am interested in conveying human emotion and connection with each piece. Through visual appearance and dress we create our own narrative and assumptions of one other without verbal exchange. The figure is absent in the clothing sculptures and drawings in order to invite the audience to imagine that character, interact with the work, and to contemplate human nature’s desire to escape reality. The implied figure allows the viewer to relate to the work in the way that we look to rupture the fabric of monotony and daily routine to get to the fantasy. The work connects with imagination by using exaggerated forms, proportional oddities, elaborate line quality and design. The color palette is strongly considered to evoke mood and enhance the relationship of the work to the fantastical.